Friday, 22 April 2022

Bright eyes - Timothy

This song I’ve covered today, is originally performed by Art Garfunkel (written by Mike Batt for the movie “Watership Down”). 
(from Timothy)
I sing it for Ukraine, and the people who are dying there. 
I witnessed a news report today, about a Ukrainian boy who has died in the conflict. They showed his funeral, and a picture of him (before he died, when he was alive and full of life). He had these incredible bright eyes. 
Immediately I thought of this song “Bright Eyes”. 
And I have only learnt it today, because no matter what it means to me personally, it is important that I learn  it and play it for that child, and all the children that die innocently in a war, and their bright eyes, robbed of a life, which you and I have enjoyed. I must express my despair for those who are robbed of it. Especially children.